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D-Day || Mary and Jieun


"That’s not how it works." The many misconceptions on the human anatomy exasperated Mary. In regards to Jieun, just because the study said that prolonged bra usage would lead to sagging breasts, it didn’t mean that the side effects would occur right away. Besides in instances of injuries and sickness, the human body took its time to adjust to new conditions. This is why a proper diet will only show its results in the long run. This is also why many smokers do not feel their fully healthy until a few years down the line. Likewise, breast sagging will happen when Jieun nears her old age, but Mary would leave their conversation at that.

To Jieun’s question, there was a strong urge for Mary to reply in a sarcastic manner. Of course the younger needed to take her shirt off. How else would a nipple piercing work unless Jieun didn’t mind if Mary pierced the buds in a crooked direction. “Yeah.” It was all the reply Mary could muster without sounding more annoyed than she usually sounded. Jieun’s mere voice already irritated Mary but whenever the younger asks a dumb question, Mary couldn’t help but regret their initial meeting that started this whole acquaintanceship. 

"It’s going to hurt. Don’t flinch unless you want skewed piercings. I’m going to count to three." With one hand reaching out to hold the other’s nipple between her index finger and thumb, Mary reached for her needle to slightly poke the sharp tip against the side of the bud and paused, indicating that she was going to count. "Three." The moment she spoke was when the needle was pushed through the bud in one quick motion before pulling out. Her fingers letting go of the other’s nipple before reaching for the cotton to dab around the pierced area to soak up the blood.

Jieun looked at Mary curiously.  She wondered what the other would look like when she aged.  How would she look with gray hairs and crows feet.  Would her style change? Would her tongue be as biting? Would she still be an artist? Would she have a family?  She did not know much about mortal biology, despite being half-human herself.  It never applied to her, but she did find it interesting.

Jieun grew up never envying a mortal.  With each passing day, their bodies deteriorated and their minds morphed into mush.  For an immortal, the opposite occurred. Every day her strength increased and her young features solidified to ensure she would look like this for all eternity. Yet she envied the purpose a mortal had to make this life the best.  For her, she always had a tomorrow. If everything didn’t work out, she could always fix it for the next century.  Mary didn’t.  While Jieun didn’t have to worry about e preventing sagging breasts, she almost envied the fact that Mary did.

Jieun removed her shirt, folding it before putting it on the side.  She leaned back in the chair, trying to keep her heart from pounding out of her chest.  She resisted the urge to recite a spell in her mind, wanting to do this as normal as possible.  Her breath caught in her throat as Mary approached her with the needle.  Her fears confirmed that the other woman was scarier with a weapon.  She looked up at the ceiling as her nipple was captured. Mary’s words sounded distant as she slipped into a world of her own, waiting for it all to be over.  She stared unblinkingly, not a single breath leaving her lips as if she was dead.

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"Yeah my bro does a lot of human tech stuff; he’s good with it. He makes music with it." She smiled, she had to admit his music was good. "Oh that’s good, so um…what kind of stuff do you bake?"

"Human tech?" She tilts her head to the side, never hearing the term before.  Her eyes brighten at the mention of her bakery. "I bake all sorts of things! It depends on what you’re interested in.  My most popular treat is the choco cupcake."

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Everyone has their weak spot. The one thing that, despite your best efforts, will always bring you to your knees, regardless of how strong you are otherwise.

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"Actually bro likes do mess with tech so I think he used some ray thing." She scrunched in thought. "Um…don’t be scared here, most people are and don’t worry this was just a hello. Me and my brother are reapers. We take after our father blood wise"

"Oh…" She pouts a bit when she hears it was science not magic. A smile spread across hr lips when she heard the latter and she grinned widely, "A reaper?  Wow, I don’t think I’ve met a reaper before." She grins, "No worries, I’m immortal anyway."

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"His name’s Ryan. Me and Kwonnie love to mess with him! When bro turned him into a corgi I let him loose in his room!" She giggled, though she was grounded for a week it was hilarious wrecking havoc on her brother. And he did deserve it.

"Ah, so cute!" Jieun laughed, her eyes turning into half moons as she recalled doing the same pranks as a youth.  "Wait, he turned him into a corgi? Are you wizards?" Jieun asked, always hoping to find more magicians.

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D-Day || Mary and Jieun


The comment about her hospitality didn’t rub her the wrong way. As a matter of fact, the comment was nothing to Mary. Since her early days as a surgeon, she knew that her household would have to be open to strangers. It was unlikely that she could open a public body modification business since she didn’t exactly have a license. Plus, she would have to deal with regulations that didn’t quite make sense to her. This was another thing that irked her in the medical field. All the disclaimers and paperwork was unnecessary since all a doctor needed was a form stating that the patient knows the risks of the procedure and signs it. Operating from her own (and occasionally other’s) provided her with more freedom. 

Once the box was held out towards her, Mary took the tiny container and opened it to see the jewels from before. After their coffee date, she had scoured the internet to find the maker of the jewels. In the end, all she got were names of designers who didn’t create Jieun’s nipple piercings. It was unlikely for the other to have created this since it required metalwork, which seemed out of the baker’s expertise. After the cap of the sterilization liquid was opened, she dropped the jewels into the jar one by one to let them sit in the small net for the time being. 

Next would be her gloves and once they were on, Mary turned to Jieun and gave the other a blank star. Her eyes moving downwards to look at the other’s chest without a care if it made Jieun awkward. To Mary, breasts were breasts and a normal part of the female anatomy. “Bras aren’t needed,” she said after a while while motioning for the other to take her jacket and shirt off to start the procedure. “They’ve been proven to cause saggy breasts since your muscles aren’t able to develop because of bras.” It was a French study if Mary could recall correctly and even though the subject matter was mildly petty, science was science. 

When she deemed that the jewels had been sterilized enough, she took off the jar lid up, causing the net to rise as well for her to grab the pair of wings. Then dabbing the jewels with a piece of towel before setting down on the table again next to her needle and stack of cotton for the blood. After taking her seat across from the empty chair, Mary leaned back to wait for Jieun to take a seat as well.

Jieun watched Mary as she handled and looked at the jewelry.  The other was handling her babies, her pride and joy.  It was difficult doing things by hand when raised a witch.  You were taught that the fastest way was the magic way, which all together was more efficient.  After meeting and getting engaged to another monster, Jieun craved to connect with the human side of her she never to got to explore.  She made most things by scratch and by hand. Besides charms and the secret menu at her bakery, Jieun did most things like any other girl would do. It was why Jieun was proud of the blood and sweat that went into crafting the metal Mary inspected in her hands.  The amount of angels she hunted down to sketch and then carve made her feat a little less normal but still taxing nonetheless.

Jieun blushed softly when the other’s eyes drifted down to her breasts. She felt the need to cover up, but she figured what the use would be.  She would soon disrobe and it wouldn’t matter either way. She still couldn’t help but feel a little violated.  She pursed her lips,  ”I don’t believe that.”  She glanced down at her chest, resisting the urge to grope herself for emphasis. “If that was true, my boobs would be sagging more which would make them at least look bigger. I don’t think I have the boobs to sag.”  According to her bra, Jieun was a healthy B-cup. On her small stature, it looked as though she was almost flat. Most of her outfits didn’t accentuate her cleavage and besides  her fiance and a mischievous little elf, no one ever complimented her breasts.

Jieun followed Mary over to the chair and leaned back slowly.  Everything felt more real and she sat up. “Should I have taken my shirt off first?” She asked, already worried she was messing things up. She had already begun to pull the shirt over her head.  She tried to calm herself down to not turn red by the time she revealed herself. Mary saw many different bodies all the time. Why would hers be any different? Besides her abnormal pale skin at the moment, she looked like every body else.

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She lowered her hood. “You can call me Lizu. I don’t know if Kwonnie’s mentioned me to you. I’m

"Lizu?" She repeats and shakes her head with a soft smile. "Unfortunately, he hasn’t mentioned you, but I do know of the doll. Kwonnie and I tend to speak more about…other things." She hesitates, as she can sense a kind of supernatural being about the other but not exactly place it. "Who’s your brother? Perhaps I know him?"

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