D-Day || Mary and Jieun


Despite her efforts to adhere to logical reasoning, Mary often fell back into superstition, especially when she just felt that something was wrong. At this moment, while she was cleaning up the surgical station, Mary felt an uneasy feeling forming in the pit of her mind. The exact description of the feeling was unknown but she knew what— or rather who the source was: Jieun. She threw the bloodied cotton pads into a specially designated trash can and let an inaudible sigh escape past her lips. She knowingly dug into the ground but didn’t realize it would be her own grave. Fuck.

After the dining area was cleared, it was time for the alcohol wipes. It wasn’t completely necessary to sanitize the table since water and soap would have worked fine but Mary felt the urge to run saturated paper cloths up and down the wooden table until the smell of alcohol lingered in the kitchen. Though the smell was poignant, it didn’t bother her due to the years of being exposed to it. Just when she had disposed of the wipes into another trash can, Jieun finally broke the silence between the two. Mary stared at the younger blankly while letting the words of gratitude die in the air. 

"Welcome." She was no stranger to ‘thank yous’ and tears of happiness. The found the sentiment useful since it expressed the feeling of support between one person to another. However, too much of it made Mary cringe. 

There was nothing else Mary needed to say afterwards. She grabbed Jieun’s folded shirt off the kitchen counter and held it out to the other. If the shirt or anything grazed against the other’s newly-pierced nipples, there’ll be a shock of pain but she figured she would let Jieun figure that out.

Jieun took the shirt after a bit of delay. She glared at the fabric, worried if it would bother her new jewels.  She slipped the shirt cautiously over her head. As she pulled it down to cover her stomach, she visibly jumped. A jolt of pain surged through her body and she bit her lip.  Jieun was a stranger to pain. Most things could be avoided by spells and she didn’t have many enemies.  She was weakened by the sensation but didn’t want it to show too much on her face. She knew Mary already though quite low of her pain tolerance, she didn’t want it to get any lower.

"So, how long does it take to heal again?" Jieun shifted so that she wasn’t hunched over, the soft fabric rubbing over the metal once more. She winced, "Or at least when the discomfort will go away?"

Jieun glanced to the clock in the room.  There was still time to go out and do something. For some reason, Jieun was compelled to ask Mary to become the person to do something with her. She looked at her feet, clack her heels together in thought.  She could see her black locks out the corner of her eye falling down in front of her face and she recalled her gothic image. Maybe this would make Mary more prone to hang out with her.  Perhaps looking like a witch for once could help her out.

"Would you like to get something to eat?" She suggested, "You can visit my bakery…"   

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Anonymous said: Um...unnie, when I'm not doing babysitting can I help out in your bakery? 

Of course you can! Honestly, I could use all the helpers I can get!

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monster-hyojung said: ★★★★★ Five star blog. Send this to those who you think are not only quality in character but beautiful and quality out of character too. 

Awww thank you, Hyo-unni!^^ You are always a sweetheart!

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