monster-kwon said: *A little nude nymph hops down your top with a happy squeal*. MAGIC CAKES UNNNNNIE!!!! 

(-she gasps loudly as she peers down her top to look at you-) Yukwon-ah, which magic cakes are you referring to? The one’s in my store or the one’s in my shirt?!!!

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Mary figured with how Jieun was eating the brownies, the younger’s mind was swirling with baking ideas. Unlike the art of cooking, Mary never got the hang of baking sweets like cupcakes or brownies. It was something she struggled to do, despite her grandmother helping her when she was younger. Her grandmother had such high hopes for a granddaughter that could never bake. So she settled to be her grandmother’s taste-tester and now, Mary got the feeling that she would become Jieun’s taste-tester. 

Eating sweets instead of doing drugs. That idea was completely common amongst people who joked around about a sugar addiction being better than a drug addiction. Mary forced herself not to roll her eye’s at the other’s statement, no matter how stupid it was. There was nothing else she could use to describe it. It was just stupid. However, what Mary didn’t like, Jieun did. So it didn’t surprise her too much when the other chuckled afterwards. 

"I’m not going to eat your sweets, Jieun," Mary blunted stated out of nowhere after a moment’s pause. It was better to get this out of the way before she found herself trying to make the other understand that she wasn’t interested in testing five batches of brownies with varying ingredients to see which one tasted better. The longer she held it off, the harder it will be to convince Jieun otherwise. 

Damn it. Jieun did her best to hide her frown.  How was it possible that the other was always in her head?  She began to wonder if Mary was a mind reader.  However, do to how much Mary doubted Jieun being a witch and the fact that she never sensed anything immortal about Mary.  Despite the others detached personality that was commonly associated with many monsters.

"Fine, I didn’t want you anyway." Jieun said, trying to sound huffy but couldn’t hide her dorky smile.  "What do you cook, Mary? I don’t think we’ve ever talked food before."

Jieun loved food.  Many people said they loved food but Jieun really love food.  She enjoyed cooking it, eating it, smelling it, seeing it…she loved everything about it.  Perhaps, this could be the one  moment where she and Mary bonded since Jieun cooked almost all type of food and baked a variety of pastries. They had to have some middle ground, right?  Jieun took another bite of her brownie with a bright smile.  Her plan to get close to Mary would be getting in her grasp.

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I was tagged by Jieun’s oppa monsterxdaehyun and Jieun’s Elly Belly ellyxbby. Does that mean I have to do five or ten? Hm, I’m just going to do five.

  1. At the end of August I will have been in three different time zones and been on six different airplane flights
  2. I got into kpop because I like learning the choreography
  3. I’m a proud New Yorker
  4. But I’m currently in LA which is pretty cool
  5. I’m a programmer

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